You unexpectedly

You unexpectedly you unexpectedly got to a stressful situation, use useful and simple reception of selfdefense concentrate on breath.

In a concern condition we can hold the breath, and it at all it is not necessary to do.

Breathe exactly and superficially, but practically without doing big pauses between breaths, for minutes; at the same time with it put the right palm on a forehead, and left on a nape; breathe, keeping hands in this position, and try to think about a problem disturbing you, remember situation which has so excited you.

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Instinctively Tears appeared, as soon as asked to cease to run and take the father by the hand.

Kent tried to supervise a situation, insisting that she wants to hold mother by a hand, but to Tim told that it should not give in to it and should continue to hold it by a hand strong.

Instinctively he wanted to bend to Katee and to talk to it.

but to it advised not to do it while she shouts.

When they left shop, the hysterics proceeded, but Tim should continue to go and not to allow to behavior to operate it It conducted it crying and resisting down the street to the Italian restaurant.

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SubmittingFillet fish.

sauce dairy eggs, pieces, butter g.

MEATBALLS FROM THE COD WITH COTTAGE CHEESE Fillet of a cod to pass through a meat grinder, to mix with cottage cheese and the cut onions browned on vegetable oil, to add white loaf soaked in milk and again to pass through a meat grinder.

Fish forcemeat to mix, form meatballs, m them on a frying pan greased with vegetable oil, and to bake in an oven.

Ready meatballs to fill in with dairy sauce and to finish to boiling.

Submitting on a table, m greens.

Fillet fish cottage cheese bread white milk ml, eggs j piece, onions vegetable oil.

sauce dairy g.

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And, though

And, though The kid will start to study them, as though trying to think, under what toy.

The concentrated expression of his face shows that he tries vspoma thread where it hid.

At last, it will pull off a diaper and will extraordinary be delighted that was not mistaken.

Repeat this experiment several times, and always put a toy under the same diaper, and then in the face of the kid hide a toy under another.

And, though he perfectly saw everythin nevertheless any time the kid will look for a toy on a former place.

Occurs so because this option is fixed in his memory.

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Meat and fish

Meat and fish The diet should various, in it it is necessary to observe a proper correlation of proteins of an animal % and vegetative % origins.

It is provided with rational alternation of meat, fish and cottage cheese.

First courses it is desirable to prepare the vegetarian.

Meat and fish only boiled needs to be used in the first half of day.

Hot spices, smoked products, meat and fish broths, fried meat, cocoa to enter into a diet for months it is not recommended.

Flavoring qualities of dishes can be improved by suppression and a browning of products of a phytogenesis, use of onions, garlic, fruit juice.

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